Eric Dickmann

"The Virtual CMO"

Fractional CMO, strategic marketing advisor, organizational culture advocate, and process improvement specialist. Helping small and midsize companies grow while developing a more positive work-life balance.

Helping businesses, enjoying life, and making connections along the way

Building a Better Work-Life Balance

After years of working in the corporate world, I decided to venture out on my own. My goal was to live a more meaningful life. To add value by sharing my experience. To enjoy what life has given with gratitude. And to reach out and make connections along the way.


There comes a moment in life when you know it's time to make a change. After over 30 years in the corporate world, including 18 years at Oracle Corporation, I decided to start my own marketing consulting company called The Five Echelon Group. The company provides strategic marketing advisory services for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) including a Virtual CMO  service which provides fractional executive services, on-demand. The goal of the company is to help businesses build comprehensive marketing strategies and help them execute plans for growth and profitability.

In addition, I regularly speak at events, author a company blog, host a weekly podcast called The Virtual CMO, and host the YouTube program Work-Life about finding the balance between a fulfilling career and a thriving personal life.

Eric Dickmann Speaking


I'm an outdoor enthusiast and love to hike in the mountains, ski down snow covered slopes, camp in the wilderness, travel to new destinations, and explore new cultures. 

I love a cozy coffee house with a warm cup or two of fresh coffee, a craft beer in the evening, preferably a nice stout or porter, a hand crafted cocktail, or nicely aged bourbon whiskey. 

I write a personal blog regularly on this site on topics of personal interest to me. I'm also a frequent guest on a wide range of podcasts talking about my journey, marketing, remote work, work-life balance, workplace culture, or a variety of other topics.

I love to swim but have an on again, off again relationship with running.

Eric Dickmann at Olympic


As I journey through life, I've found great support and encouragement from the friendships I've made along the way. Whether it's at work or in my leisure time, I'm interested in hearing the stories and adventures of others and trying to provide help and value back whenever I can.

Building a more positive work-life balance is one of the primary reasons I decided to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to be able to add more value to the clients I serve, have the freedom to live a more meaningful personal life, and focus on forging stronger connections with the people in my life.

Eric Dickmann Warrior

There is a Better Way!

A healthy work-life balance shouldn't be so difficult to achieve. We all want to be successful but often have a hard time clearing the obstacles out of our way.


My goal is to help business leaders grow their businesses while building a better work-life balance for themselves and their employees.

Reduce Complexity

"It's how we've always done it"

"That's our procedure"

What happened to common sense and logic? It's amazing how many processes, when looked at externally, make no sense. Too often processes and procedures are used as excuses that simply hide underlying problems. 

Is it time to look at things from a new perspective and reduce complexity?

Focus On The Customer

"Customers are #1"

"We value our customers"

Sound familar? Too often, these phrases ring hollow because underlying systems, processes, and procedures don't allow it to ring true. Designing for the customer means removings roadblocks and exceeding customer expectations.


Have you implemented a customer relationship management strategy?

Empower Your Team

"We can't do that"

"You'll need to talk to a supervisor"

These responses can get anyone's blood pressure up and are a sign that employees aren't empowered to serve customers. Controls are important but when they become roadblocks, they can cost a company both time and money.

Why not give employees more automony and empower your team?

The Virtual CMO Podcast
The podcast for marketing professionals

The Virtual CMO Podcast

Join Eric Dickmann each week for conversations with The Virtual CMO, a podcast designed for marketing professionals in small and mid-sized companies who are looking for strategies to grow their businesses.

New Series!

Work - Life

Life is a quest to find balance between your professional life and building a thriving personal life outside of the office. Join Eric as he explores passion and purpose with interesting guests from around the world as they share their thoughts on Work-Life.


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