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A weekly podcast masterclass focused on growth marketing strategies and tactics for professionals in small and midsize businesses

The Virtual CMO Podcast

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The Virtual CMO podcast explores growth marketing strategies for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Hosted by Eric Dickmann, we focus on what it takes to build strategic marketing plans and execute successful campaigns.

The podcast features interviews with marketers and industry veterans who share their real-world experiences and insights. We discuss marketing automation technology and talk to vendors about how their tools can improve marketing effectiveness. We talk with freelancers and agencies to learn how their services can help scale your team. And, we highlight real-world examples of marketing done right...and wrong.

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About the Host

Eric Dickmann is currently the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at the Five Echelon Group, which provides strategic marketing advisory and fractional CMO services to SMBs. Eric's a strong believer in organizational culture, process improvement, and fostering growth while developing a more positive work-life balance.

Eric regularly appears on podcasts to discuss marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, product development, organizational culture, remote work, and also hosts the Work-Life show on YouTube.

He lives in Orlando, Florida and previously served on the Board of Directors at the Zebra Foundation for Youth, the Digital Marketing Advisory Board for the USF Muma College of Business and as the Race Director for the annual Zebra Run 5K. Eric's a coffee drinker, outdoor enthusiast, and bourbon aficionado.

New and powerful!

"I stumbled upon this podcast while looking for good content for CMOs. This is where I landed and I couldn’t be happier about it! Eric is extremely knowledgeable and has put a lot into bringing us a great podcast. Thanks so much! A+

Alex Sanfilippo



It's time to prioritize your marketing goals

"This podcast allows business owners and leaders to find their way through fog of marketing missteps and determine what matters and what works for the business. Eric Dickmann lifts that fog with his informed questions and knowledge.

Jack Sweeney

(Journalist and Author)


Sound advice for the busy entrepreneur

"This podcast has a great flow and shared guests who really know their stuff! Eric, the host, really does a great job of keeping the conversation flowing. This podcast is a pleasant listen with the added benefit of business knowledge!

Elizabeth Pamalone

(Marketing Professional)


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