Work-Life with Aubrey Wallace, Co-Founder of Dandelion Branding

April 21, 2021

On this episode of Work-Life, host Eric Dickmann talks with Aubrey Wallace. Aubrey is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and Co-Founder of Dandelion Branding. Her company is passionate about working with sustainable brands. They are creating a full ecosystem to help support and grow the sustainability industry. She helps brands create holistic content marketing plans and drive traffic to their websites. Wallace believes that to get ahead in any industry, you need a unique, tailored content marketing strategy for your brand. This is especially true for renegade brands focused on making sustainable changes in their industries because, in most instances, they’re fighting an uphill battle.


Aubrey's marketing journey wasn't a straight line. She first earned degrees in criminal justice and interdisciplinary studies in social sciences. Shortly after graduating, Aubrey moved to California and worked with kids suffering from autism. In the course of this work, Wallace felt that Applied Behavioral Therapy wasn’t really effective because it made her feel as if she was trying to teach social behavior without her being able to be part of their life. According to Aubrey, her “kids” may have trusted her, but she didn't have the chance to fully connect with them. She thought- "What can I do to help people heal, and that allows me to be close with the people I'm working with?" That idea pushed Aubrey Wallace to become a clinical herbalist. She worked for an herbal company where she ended up becoming their head marketer where she created and maintained all marketing pieces within the organization. And while she’s moved on in her career, she’s still a practicing herbalist.

She later moved with her partner to the Netherlands and discovered the marketing industry was totally different from that in the US. Since she could not find a job, she decided to start Dandelion Branding with her best friend, Courtney. At Dandelion Branding, they help sustainable brands become transparent and maintain their values. According to Aubrey, transparency is one of the most important aspects of marketing and starting a business. Data came out during the coronavirus pandemic and it shows that 60% of people look to the brands they trust to guide them through these tough times. She shares that Dandelion Branding is fortunate enough to work with cool brands that have similar goals of changing the world and being transparent in their approach to the market.

Aubrey tells us that the struggle they face is discerning the clients they will be working with. Many companies “greenwash” and support causes superficially. Aubrey and her team want to work with sustainable companies, mostly e-Commerce businesses, who are dedicated to making an impact on the community. It's really about helping brands be more traceable, transparent, honest, and not performative.

Aubrey and her co-founder, Courtney, also have a podcast called- EnvironMental, where every month, they investigate different aspects of sustainability.


Aubrey was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. Compared to many other entrepreneurs, being rich and famous were not her main goals or motivators. She aimed to change the world and help people make better choices every day.

According to Aubrey, one of the most interesting things about the Netherlands is that her life there is more similar to her life in Michigan than in California. She also talks about the realness of Dutch directness. Aubrey tells us that the Dutch are very honest and abrupt, and they will straight up tell you their thoughts or opinions. Despite this, Aubrey feels fortunate because she was given a great set of friends and a supportive partner as she settled into her new environment.

Aubrey also had the good fortune to be invited to Burning Man and found it to be an extraordinary experience where she was able to join a camp and met many amazing new friends. She looks forward to going back and again participating in their camp’s signature activity, a pig roast on the playa.


Aubrey loves to read sci-fi, fantasy, Stephen King books and spends a lot of time in her garden, drinking tea or coffee, and simply appreciating the quiet around her. When Aubrey says she loves to read, she means it; she literally reads every day! She is currently reading Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s- The Wheel of Time series.

Aside from sharing valuable information on her podcast, Aubrey takes time to absorb fresh ideas from other podcasts; one of her favorites is a true-crime podcast about climate change- Drilled. She also recommends to fellow Stephen King fans that they listen to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.


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