Work-Life with Catherine Cantey, Business Leader and Executive Coach

February 19, 2021

On this episode of Work-Life, host Eric Dickmann talks with Catherine Cantey. Catherine is a tenacious connector and recovering banker, working to create exceptional results for her clients in her sales program for B2B selling. She is a leadership coach helping high potential managers turn into senior leaders and was named the #10 Coach in Columbia for 2021.

For over 20 years, Catherine has traveled the country to help support and develop strong local businesses. Along the way, she has built influence and grown her network as she helped the businesses she served. Today, Catherine’s goal is to partner with individuals and teams to create positive and measurable change for the future.


Catherine is a business leader and executive coach. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she managed a proposal team that produced over 300 proposals a year for over a decade, with an average success rate of over 90% each year! Cantey is a thought leader who has a wide range of experience on various topics such as- sales, customer experience, strategic planning, operational efficiencies, change management, and agriculture.

Aside from her long list of accolades, Catherine is also certified with Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching and Global Leadership Assessment 360 and John Maxwell’s DISC’s personal profiling methodology.


Catherine is a wife to an entrepreneurial husband who has started multiple businesses himself and a mom.

Currently, Catherine serves on The Health Services District of Kershaw County and the Central Carolina Technical College Foundation.


Over the years, while serving many rural communities, Catherine became passionate about the inequities in broadband coverage. With farms increasingly relying on technology to drive efficiency and people forced to work and attend classes from home, having reliable access to the internet is more critical than ever. Catherine is now working with government leaders to find ways to close the broadband gaps in rural communities.


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