Work-Life with Conrad Ruiz, Founder of Well Aware

March 23, 2021

On this episode of Work-Life, host Eric Dickmann talks with Conrad Ruiz. Conrad is a Time Management Consultant and Founder of Well-Aware. Conrad has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and sought to end the struggle of his own time management pains. Despite a background in biomedical engineering and some underlying health issues that seemed like a natural focus for his career, Conrad found his passion in helping others better manage their time and open up their careers and personal lives to greater fulfillment.

With his years of experience in the time-management field and countless client interactions, Conrad shows how you can improve your time management. As Conrad puts it-

"We're all on the clock – let's make it count."


Early on, Conrad shifted his career from studying biomedical engineering to the entrepreneurial world. He decided instead to focus his efforts on being a Time Management Consultant and Coach for business professionals. He starts by analyzing the 24 hours of his client’s day, looking at their personal and professional activities and what they aim to accomplish within those hours. He is very passionate about maintaining a calendar that accurately accounts for the time clients plan to invest in activities throughout the day. Using this calendar, Conrad makes suggestions based on the perspective of your reality versus the reality of the day you are currently living. From there, he suggests improvements and revisions that clients can make to their daily routine. The goal of his vision is to help you grow, be more productive, and fulfilled.

Conrad’s company- Well Aware, is built around the concept of awareness. The more that Conrad and his team get to know about a person, their situation, and where they are coming from, the better he can help his clients understand themselves in the same light. For Conrad, helping clients go from being unaware to aware, recognizing the problem, tackling it, then succeeding in overcoming their challenges is a driver for him.

Most of Conrad’s clients are people who have overcommitted their time. They have a hard time balancing their commitments, expectations, and the things that they really want to do.


Conrad faced some health challenges in the past, but that did not deter him from becoming what he is today. He shares that we should value ownership, perspective, and mindset when facing challenging situations. Conrad further shares that it took him a number of years before he came to terms with his kidney ailment. He needed time to decide how he would treat it and what expectations he should set for the present and future. He learned that there are two ways you can take on an ailment- either you can just live with it or use it as the thing that inspires you to do the things that really matter.


Conrad loves rock climbing and playing digital board games with his close family and friends from different parts of the world. He has recently come back and visited his high school to play water polo and reconnect with his former coach. Finally, Conrad tells us that his time with his family is the best part of his day.

Conrad gets his inspiration from all kinds of resources- from books to TikTok! He is also a podcaster and host of the Well Aware podcast.


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