Work-Life with Donna Peters, Executive Coach and Founder of The Me-Suite

February 23, 2021

This week on Work-Life, host Eric Dickmann interviews Donna Peters. Donna is the Founder of The Me-Suite, which offers career coaching and leadership development services. She is also the host of The Me-Suite podcast, a 2020 finalist for both Best Business Podcast and People's Choice Award. Donna is a certified Executive Coach, speaker, and leadership faculty with 20+ years advising senior executives and next-generation leaders at the world's most admired companies.

Prior to her consulting life, she acted professionally on stage, film, and stand-up for 10 years before pursuing an MBA at Cornell and becoming a senior partner and practice leader in Management Consulting. She helps driven professionals take control of the future they want to have.


Donna Peters likes to tell her journey with the number 20 because, according to her, it seems like she wants to do things in clusters of 20. She grew up working in her family's manufacturing business, where she worked on the floor with drill presses, staple guns, and 18-wheelers. Then Peters entered her creative 20’s, where she acted professionally for ten years, taught English in South Korea, and owned a restaurant.

Donna then spent twenty years in corporate America and recently “retired” as a Senior Partner for one of the world's largest management consulting firms. Looking forward, she planned her retirement and went back to school, did a residency in the Neuroscience of Leadership, got an Executive Coaching credential, and launched her own executive coaching business called The Me-Suite.


According to Donna, her pivots in life and career were mainly inspired by the mentors and leaders she met along the way. Peters entered business school because she believed that she had a business sensibility but needed a formal stamp of approval in the form of coaching credentials. Her years in the corporate world made her realize that she had been walking away from her creative side. She believed that doing something aside from her corporate service would allow her to flex those creative muscles. Retiring from her company after two decades gave her the opportunity to rekindle and integrate her creativity through writing, producing, and performing (aka podcast hosting).

Donna is a wife and mother who has visited more than 45 countries and worked in six of them. She had also played roles in J.C. Oates “Bad Girls” and George Lucas’s “Radioland Murders.” Donna lives by three core values- Curiosity, Freedom, and Respect.


Aside from managing her business, Donna also hosts the award-winning podcast, The Me-Suite. It’s an interview-based podcast where she talks with C-Suite leaders on the theme- “What are the disciplines that you are learning and practicing in business that we should be bringing into our own lives, to lead our lives like the companies we admire?” The Me-Suite podcast will have its 100th episode this March 2021.


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