Work-Life with Jakub Zajicek, Co-Founder of SpeakOnPodcasts

February 25, 2021

On this episode of Work-Life, host Eric Dickmann talks with Jakub Zajicek. Jakub is an entrepreneur and podcast enthusiast from the Czech Republic. He co-founded, a podcast booking agency that helps B2B and tech brands become thought leaders in their category. In just a few short months, Jakub and his co-founder Mark Colgan, have attracted many high-profile clients and built an international team of 12 amazing people. In addition to his company duties, Jakub also interviews podcast hosts about their journey on The show is a video series of short stories published multiple times a week, including an interview he did with me!


Before Co-Founding of SpeakOnPodcasts, Jakub worked as a CMO for a US-based startup. After a year, Jakub felt the urge to try something else. He felt he didn’t have the freedom he wanted and wanted a career more deeply connected to his purpose and core values. As he spoke with other people, he saw a business opportunity in the exploding world of podcasting. He decided that he wanted to assist others in launching their podcasts but was getting feedback from his clients that they wanted to get placements on other podcasts to broaden their reach. Fast forward a couple of months when Jakub met Mark Colgan. A partnership was born and they launched an agency to help clients secure podcast interviews on shows that reached their target audiences.


According to Jakub, identifying his life’s mission has really helped guide his decisions. He recently followed the 75Hard Mental Toughness Program by Andy Frisella. This program helped him to focus on his goals and develop mental and physical discipline. According to Zaljicek, many think of this 75-day program as a fitness challenge, but in reality, the purpose of 75Hard is to promote discipline and enhance your mental toughness. In the course of this program, Jakub said that he became more determined to accomplish his tasks and eliminate all the excuses that hindered him from performing to his potential.


Even as he is building on his life goals, Jakub uses his passions as a filter to opportunities that come his way. He realized that he doesn't have to say YES to everything and only accepts the ones that would benefit his mission in the long-run.

He is also a fan of journaling, not always every day, but uses it as a tool to physically write down his thoughts, goals, and accomplishments. He feels that writing goes deeper in the brain than typing your thoughts on a tablet or laptop. Jakub employees a simple system. Once a week, he lists five critical tasks that will help him get closer to his weekly or monthly goals, and at the end of each week, to keep himself accountable, he describes how the days had gone and tracks the habits that he needs to watch over.

His life mission is to provide knowledge, value, and skills that empower others to make a positive change in their life.


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