Work-Life with Richard Walsh, Best-Selling Author

February 15, 2021

On this episode of Work-Life, host Eric Dickmann talks with Richard Walsh. Richard is a 30-year business-owning veteran, best selling author of "Escape the Owner Prison" the contractors' new way to scale, regain control, and fast track growth while loving life. He is a speaker and business coach for the trades and service industries, podcaster (ETOP Podcast), creator of the ETOP Academy, husband, and father of six, and business turnaround expert.

His ultimate mission is to help 10,000 business owners Escape the Owner Prison.


Richard Walsh is an entrepreneur, author, and business consultant. Being involved in multiple businesses across the years, he had to overcome many roadblocks that served as stepping stones towards his ultimate success today. According to Walsh-"Failure isn't defeat; failure is quitting." Richard believes in delegation and trust. To be successful in business, you have to hire people who have experience in areas that can complement your own. Sometimes, you have to learn how to shelf your ego and collaborate with various personalities.

Richard teaches entrepreneurs that they can't be a general in a war room without communicating with their troops. He encourages them to open the door and allow their employees to be brilliant in their field of expertise.


Richard is a husband and father of six kids. His passion is helping other business owners scale and teach them to avoid some of the mistakes he made along his business journey. Walsh encourages us to make hard rules between growing your business and raising your family or other personal life priorities. Robert loves spending time with his kids and mentoring others and maybe one day, he’ll get back to sculpting metal!


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