Work - Life

The quest to find balance and fulfillment 


The quest for balance and fulfillment

Work to live, not live to work. Life is about finding balance, living fully, and enjoying the journey.

Join host Eric Dickmann as he engages in conversation with people living their best lives and sharing some of life's adventures.

Work - Career and Professional Life

Work is an important part of our lives. It gives us purpose, meaning, and certainty. It connects us to a community of like-minded people and helps us learn new skills and apply our knowledge. 

But work can also be stressful. There can be challenges with co-workers and customers. Bosses can frustrate and intimidate. Deadlines can eat into personal time and travel can disrupt our lives at home.

For many, finding their passion and deriving fulfillment from work can be a lifelong quest. The shelfs are filled with books offering guidance for finding the perfect job but few claim to have found it. 

My goal: To do meaningful work that brings value to others, helps me to learn and grow, and allows me to live a purposeful life.

Life - Personal Life and Interests

When you're not at work, what makes you truly happy? Maybe it's spending time with your family on vacation...skiing, camping, laying on the beach, traveling to exotic destinations, or visiting that cabin in the woods. Maybe it's a hobby, a sport, a pastime. Or maybe it's the simple pleasure of reading a good book by the fire with a glass of red wine, a craft beer, or a nice bourbon.

Life is what happens when we aren't working. It's how we choose to spend our time when we're off the clock and our time is our own. For many, these are the hours when life really happens. When memories are made and when we feel truly at peace. You probably fondly remember some magical vacations but don't remember what you did at the office last Thursday. 

My goal: To make the best use of my free time to fully embrace life and live it to its fullest. 

Balance - Passion and Purpose

Unless you're a trust fund baby, you probably have to work. We all have bills to pay. We need food, shelter, and the other necessities of life. For most everyone, a paycheck is a requirement. 

But work doesn't have to be a grind. You don't have to stay in a dead end job, or working for a terrible boss. Life is too short to suffer through a miserable career.  

At the same time, fun rarely pays the mortgage. We'd all rather be having fun that putting in a full day's work but that's not how life usually plays out. 

The key is finding a balance. A rewarding career that challenges you, provides meaningful work, and the security of a good paycheck. And living a life that's full, free from the stressors that hold you back. A life that's fulfilling, enhanced by strong relationships with family and friends, and with the freedom to get away and explore all that this great planet has to offer. 

My goal: To work to live, not live to work! To find the right balance of work with the freedom to fully live life.

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